Order Questions

What is the Process of buying from us?

We offer you a faster and high quality service. The first step involves obtaining an estimate: you will need to provide us with the dimension and layout of the project, either over the internet, through fax or in person. You can also come to our yard and select the stone that you like. After you have placed the order, a templating appointment will be scheduled. After completion of the template, your order will be delivered within 2-3 business days.  


Should I have an appointment?

It is not necessary to have an appointment. We are usually open from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 6pm. On Saturday, we are available from 8am to 4 pm.


Where are you located?

We operate within the Tri State area and we deal with the design and installation of kitchen countertops, fireplace and Jacuzzi surrounds, as well as other custom designs.


What ways can I make my payments?

We accept certified checks and cash only. In case you pay with a personal check, fabrication will start only after it has been cleared. The payment is carried out in two parts: one during the scheduling of the template and the other during the completion of the installation.


Can I pay with my credit card?

We do not accept credit cards. Payments can only be made in cash or certified checks.


What do I need to get a quote?

You will need to provide us with the top view of the project’s layout, as well as the dimension, other personal information such as the state, zip code, your name and phone contact. You may also provide us with the name of the natural stone as well as the finish you desire. We will then process the requirements, and offer an estimate for the whole project. You have the option of faxing this information to us or providing it to our staff at the yard.


Does the quote come with installation?

Our quotes come with the installation, but if you do not want it to be included you should indicate it when you are requesting the quote.


How long should I wait for the quote after I have faxed the drawing with all the dimensions?

We have a turn around time of about 24 hours.  You will receive a call or a fax if you provided us with the contact information on the original fax. If you want to get instant quotes, you can use the online estimate tools.


How do I handle the stove and sink cutouts?

We have the right tools such as the Computer aided design and CNC technology that are used for making the cut outs on the sinks or any other surface.  The cut outs of the under-mounted sinks are fully cut and then polished at the edges. The countertop is then given extra support by the use of metal rods.


Must I buy the whole Slab?

You do not have to buy the whole slab. We will establish the material you will need for the counter top. Our prices are not based on full slabs and therefore you will only pay for the material required for your project.


How close is the estimate to the Final Price?

Since the quote is determined by the measurements that you provide us, the more accurate these measurements are, the more accurate the price will be.


What is the meaning of the five columns in the estimates?

The five columns on our estimates represent the different granite grades. The price provided correspond with the columns that contain the stones, which are double blue, double silver, gold single blue and single silver. The price depends on the design as well as the supply of the stone type in the market. The super sale materials are the Single and double blue while the single and double silver is promotional and gold is premium.  Alongside the five columns some of the materials will be categorized as double or super gold and they require a well detailed estimate and can only be processed by the Sales department Manager.


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